Procedure for checking email from the Web

If you are having trouble getting your email through Outlook Express, please close out Outlook Express and open your web browser (Internet Explorer). If the Americonnect homepage does not automatically come up for you, at the top you will see "Address". Next to it in the white type: "". Press enter on your keyboard after typing.

On the bottom right of the page there is a section labeled "E-mail" (you might have to scroll down the page.)

You will see a drop down box with the words "Select email" in it.
click on the drop down arrow next that.

Select the "@americonnect" or "" selection depending on your email address (ex. jane@americonnect or
(Alternatively you can use the Squirrelmail interface for Americonnect. Everything else that follows is the same.)

It will take you to a new page. On this page you will see:

Enter your user name (ex. jane) you will not need the @americonnect at the end. 

Enter your password

click "Log in"

You should now see the emails in your email box.

If you've decided to delete an email just check the box to the far left of the message. Then above it click on "Delete", once deleted, the email will appear with a line through it. Click on "Purge Deleted" and the message is gone.